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  • jadakiss

    Thank you for the feedback Wayne!

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice one Jada.

    Here's a couple polishing notes for you.

    -when you are launching be careful of the spacing so that the top of the ball accelerates correctly.

    between f09-11, the placement of the top control is a little too even which is causing a little weirdness there.  You can probably just remove that frame altogether and slightly adjust what is left to smooth it out.

    -You can also try to keep the stretch in line with the path of action.  The ball should lean over more screen right at f11. (hope you can see what I mean)

    -The amount of stretch at f45 is quite large but then it doesn't actually jump that high, which is causing a weird dissipation of the energy that you have built.  To fix that you can either make it jump higher, or reduce the amount of stretch.

    -It slows down way too much at f114 (top of the ball I mean).  you can keep it moving faster there.

    -you have quite a nice antic at f157 and then it moves fast up to f160 but then the launch seems like it slows down and the jump is a bit small.  You can connect the flow of this together by either slowing down the first part of the pre launch, or speeding up the launch.  (I think faster will look better)

    But great stuff dude, it's nice to see your skills growing.