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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Stef,
    Good work - here's a couple notes to help you push this further.

    I like that you left the beach ball there as a guide to help you, but I can point out some spacing issues on that one and you'll be like, "How did I not see that?"
    -from f04-05 the ball pops really far but then it instantly becomes slow again because of a the relatively small spacing gap on f06. (look at the bottom of the ball when it takes off and you can see that it doesn't take off very far when that should be the biggest spacing gap)
    -This happens in the similar spots of the other jump too (and both sides of the arc)

    Now for some crits on the other ball.
    Generally I really like your story, and the 'character' is certainly there. Here's jump a couple of polishing.
    -the arc from f39-43 is a little too round rather than an parabola
    -with the jumps around f253, you should try to show the ball stretched pushing off the ground (and landing too). Sometimes you don't have enough time to show all the show all those frames so you have to choose which ones are more important to show.
    -the ball slides around 268
    -the settle before f296 is too big, It's rolling back too far and it's too fast.
    -track the bottom of the ball at the launch from f312 (I think you know the issue here)
    -I really like your fall near the end (f372ish) but I think you can smooth out the small jitters in the spacing.

    But overall - very nicely done. Well Done.