Chapter 4 - Character Ball Exercise Submission

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Character Ball

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Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Steve,
    Good work.

    You can turn off the motion paths for the controls by selecting them and then choosing "Clear Motion Paths" in the specials menu. (I press W for this because I'm Right Click Select, but I think that menu is just Right Click if you have the out of the box setup)

    You have to clear them when you are not working on them as there is no way to only show them for the controls you have selected, (that would be a nice feature though!)
    To track the squash, just turn them off for the Top_squash control and track the path.
    If you are looking at tracking the negative space between frames, the easiest thing to do is do that by eye (don't worry you will get better at that)

    Now here's a couple polishing notes for your animation.
    -when things change direction always think, "should this slow out", most of the time the answer is yes.
    eg - f09, the top control hits the antic pose and then pops off on f10. See if you can round out the path here and add some slow out of this pose.
    -Track the spacing on the top control from f11-13. Can you see how fast it is moving on f12 but then instantly slows down on f13. That should be the biggest spacing gap (with the ground) but you have built up a lot of momentum which then just disappears. This should flow together. (I hope that makes sense)
    Check this same issue in all the other jumps (like the big one up to the platform)
    -f23 show the stretched landing. And other places where this is missing. Try to always show this frame when you have enough time. (sometimes you want to skip it but most of the time you don't)
    -with the jumps on the platform, check that the vertical spacing has the biggest gap just before hitting the ground (eg - f82 is smaller than f81 and many of the other jumps too)
    -Also make sure that the size of the squash matches the speed of the ball, it's a little big for the jumps on the platform so it is strobbing a little
    -And then track all the arcs too to make sure they are arcing all the way to the ground.

    Hope that all makes sense. Keep up the hard work Stevo!