Chapter 4 - Squash and Stretch Vanilla Bounce Perpetual

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Add Squash & Stretch

This submission did not pass.

Don't get discouraged by exercises that don't pass. Use it as a learning experience and fuel crush it on your next one!

  • leatangclan

    Thank you so much for the two latest feedback Wayne. I am no where close to be discouraged. I would feel worst if you were to pass me on this one. I totally didn't deserve to pass.

    I am just requesting guidance on how to make it better. I know it was not right but couldn't figure out why. I think I know what you are suggesting. I will definitely take your suggestions and redo the animation. This one is actually fun. Thanks again.


  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Steve. You have the same issues on this one too.
    Try making the tight spacing tigher at the top, reduce the timing so you really can make the large spacing much larger at the bottom.
    At the moment the ball slows down quite a lot before hitting the ground because the spacing becomes even.
    Bigger bigger bigger on the way down.

    I'm going to fail this one too but don't take it personally or even feel down about it.
    Think about like an opportunity to be a phoenix. Let the awesome beautiful timing and spacing arise from the ashes of this submission!
    You can do it Steve.
    (I'm starting a little chant now)
    steve steve Steve Steve STEVE STEVE STEVE YAAAYYYYYY!!!

    All that silliness just means that I believe in you!