Character Ball - Stick the Landing

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hehe good work Chad.
    I do like the landing.

    Here;s a couple notes to push your skills further.

    -f11-f16, because he is about to jump to the right you can arc to the left before this squash to anticipate the main movement.
    -f20,. show the stretch touching the ground. This will show the character pushing off the ground. Also make sure the spacing gap near the ground is the biggest.
    -f29, show the stretched landing and lean it towards the path of action.
    -93, keep the stretch in ling with the path of action and make sure you don't slow into the stretch here. The top of the ball should be accelerating but f92-93 the top is slowing down.
    Also check for this same spacing error in other places like all the jumps on the platform.
    -f103. Stretch the landing.

    Hope that helps.