Antenna Overlap

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  • Octave C (toctave)

    Haha, thank you Wayne, the high five is a honor ! I got frustrated with the motion paths not updating live, so I thought I could try to help out. 

    Thank you for the detailed explanation, I had a feeling something was off but you put it into words perfectly. I'll submit an updated version soon.

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hi toctave. You know I saw someone who has been submitting patches to the Blender code with that name. Do you know that person? If you do give them a high five from me.

    Right now to the animation crit.
    Good job so far, I think the antenna is great, but I can see the issues you are having with the head. Let's see if we can make it better.

    -You can think about this head movement in a similar way to the logo mo-graph animation. It just has a few more things going on. The main issues you are having is where it changes direction.
    Make sure that you are slowing in/out at each one of these points over the right amount of frame and that the overshoots don't go too far. (more details below)
    -the antic move back to f13 will need a few more frames to slow in if he is going to shoot off that quick at f14. (I hope that makes sense)
    -he is taking too many frames to slow down before f29 and the overshoot back to f34 is too far given how slow he was already moving.
    -Same thing with the final resting position at f40. This is too far given the slow speed.

    The next thing is to make sure the rotation of the head feels connected to these movements. At the moment it looks like they are both doing their own thing are aren't working in concert with each other. But don't worry too much about that at first. Step 1 is to focus on the head translation.

    Hope that all helps - keep up the good work!