Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Great stuff Drist.

    You certainly nailed the character portion of this task.  And yes, there is a lot to keep a track of in animation.  It becomes somewhat more 'automatic' for you with the most experience you gain but hopefully you can appreciate why we only focused on 1 thing at a time up to this point ;)

    You don't need to amend anything here, unless you want to.  But here are some polishing notes to push your skills further.

    -f122, you can stretch on the landing here

    -now with the move into f164, you can swoop the path around in a downward arc from f158.  At the moment it kind of arcs upwards from this point (hope that makes sense)

    -f234, show the stretched take off, this shows the ball pushing off the ground.

    -f246, and also show the stretched landing here too, rather than squashing in the air. Then you can also overshoot the top of the ball in this settle rather than going straight up.

    -Check all the jumps for the stretched take off.  (especially the big jumps)

    -f359, don't go straight to this amount of squash here from that stretch on the previous frame.  Give him somewhere to go after this point (if that makes sense)

    -The front flip is ok, but make sure you show him pushing off the ground and that stretched landing.

    But well done on your little story here, it's great!