Antenna overlap

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Luna.  Good stuff.

    The antenna is mostly fine in this animation but most of the issues are with the head (which will break the antenna animation)

    Here's a couple polishing notes for you to help push your skills further.


    The only issue I see is at the end. There's no frame counter so I can't point out exactly, but it's the last wobble where it just suddenly starts moving slow and goes back to the default position.  This should still keep wobbling but go a shorter and shorter distance.

    But as I mentioned above, any head tweaks will break the antenna animation.


    -THere's 2 big things that can be improved.  That is, the even spacing in the main movement.  You can treat the head like it is either speeding up or slowing down to avoid even spacing.  So try to accelerate all the way to the middle and then start slowing down to the overshoot position.  Make sure you really slow in and out of this pose.  At the moment it feels like it hits a wall and bounces off.

    Also when it comes to the final rest, it is not quite slowing in enough.  It just stops.

    Hope that all makes sense.  I'm loving all the hard work you are putting in. Keep going!