Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Not bad Luna.
    Here's some polishing notes to help push those skills further.

    -when you go into the antic and then into the first just, think about moving in a little spiral. So that it goes up and to the left, then swoops around into the squash and then into the stretched take off. (hope that makes sense)/
    At the moment, the antic is very straight there and back if you know what I mean. (Try to move it an arc)
    -on the landing at f21, don't let the top of the ball go from fast to instantly slow motion. It needs to slow down more gradually.
    -If the move at f39 is an antic to the squash, make sure you give it enough time to move into this pose as well as slowing in and out before moving on. At the moment it is just popping because of the spacing.
    -watch the vertical spacing of the ball from f58. Make sure it is accelerating towards the ground. At the moment the vertical spacing feels floaty because it is even.
    -If he is jumping at f62, try to show the ball pushing off the ground (stretched take off)
    -f66 watch out for the horizontal spacing at the top of this arc, there is a pause.
    -f71, show more frames on the ground, stretch back towards where it came from, then squash and the stretch towards where he is jumping.
    -And in that final jump, take a look at the vertical spacing. It feels light and floaty because the spacing is too even and the timing is too long.

    Hope that all helps.
    Keep up the hard work!