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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Good work Ocers.

    Here's a couple notes for when you are ready to come back to this.

    -I can see a similar timing and spacing issue repeated in many places.  Once you can solve it in one place you can apply the same solution to the other areas as well.

    At places like f21 watch out for the spacing on the top of the ball, you don't want it to instantly slow down when it lands and then speed up again to the squash.  The top is travelling fast and then it will slow into the squash (rather than pausing and speeding up)

    I hope that makes sense.

    -Try to keep the stretch in line with the path of action.  

    -When you antic before a jump, you can swoop around in a spiral rather than just going diagonally down to the left and then diagonally straight up to the stretch.

    -On the bigger landings, think about the top control as moving in a little spiral.  (check the motion paths)

    Hope this helps - keep up the hard work!