Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Really nice stuff Newbie!
    Here's a couple polishing notes for you.

    -f05 show the ball stretched while touching the ground. This will help sell that it is pushing off the ground.
    -f21, with the top control, don't forget about overshoot. At the moment it drags behind the bottom of the ball (good) but then suddenly goes straight up at f25. Let things overshoot and come back
    -When you get to the squash at f34 you can swoop towards the screen left first to gain some momentum in the direction he is going to jump.
    -the top of the arc at f42ish is a little floaty. See if you can take the vertical spacing higher here (I think the timing is probably about right)
    -52, overshoot the top control.
    -f58, swoop to the left like I mentioned above.
    -f72. Show the stretched landing
    -f86, make sure you stretch towards the direction he is going to jump. At the moment it is stretching straight up and then the ball moves up and to the right.
    -when he gets to the end of the platform. Make you overshoot and show the stretched landing.

    Keep going - I can see your skills improving :)