Character Ball

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  • Franck Thomas (fthomas)

    I reuploaded the video with your feedback, it looks much better thanks !

  • Franck Thomas (fthomas)

    Thanks Sir !
    Indeed for all the notes, I'll go through it :)

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Really nice, Franck!  Made me laugh too.

    Here's a couple polishing notes for you.

    -in the start jumps. the amount of S&S is just a smidge too big for the speed of the ball.

    -Watch out for the penetration of the geo on the edge.  You can translate the whole thing up with the Root if needed to stop that from being obvious.  (a little penetration is fine)

    -In the small squash jumps backwards,  I think it's fine not to show the stretched landing, but I would at least try to show the stretched push off the ground.  

    The other thing that erks me is that it is totally straight up and down the whole jump and it doesn't lean towards the direction it is moving.

    -Now with the splat.  I would try holding longer at f231 before he starts to fall.  This can make it actually a second gag if you know what I mean. 

    But great work!