Antenna Overlap

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Oliver,
    Good stuff.
    Here's a couple notes to push your skills a little further.

    The antenna is pretty good, I just have one comment for the ending area (there's no frame counter so I can't point it out exactly. Generally it is good but it seems to speed up for a wobble or two just after the head is coming back after it overshoots.
    As for the head, this is the thing that could use the most adjustment (which will break the antenna animation : ( )
    It looks like it hits the overshoot mark, then slides upwards, and then comes back to the final position. This motion can all be connected and flow together. Think of this one like the mo-graph overshoots, but over 2 axes rather than one (and it's in a different direction obviously)

    Anyway, hope that all makes sense and it helps.
    Keep up the god work!