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  • Katerina Novakova (shiennar)

    Ah, so many notes, thank you, waylow :-) I'll make sure to go through them and I'll make an improved version (although I'd like to finish the course first so that I improve my skills and get a fresh perspective on this piece).

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    High 5, Kat!
    You certainly did tell a story and nail the character portion of this task.

    Here's a couple notes to help you push your animation even further.

    -in the start few jumps, the amount of squash is a little too big for the speed and force of the ball.  This is causing it to strobe a little.  It's just a slight disconnect if you know what I mean.

    -with the big jump antic, I would try actually showing the stretched landing and then slow into the squash extreme.
    Also when it pops big at f117, the amount of 'change of shape' is pretty big and the top control instantly accelerates the fastest it is going to get in that jump.  It will be a little smoother if you slowed out even just a tiny amount before f117.  That way it actually accelerates into the jump before it startsslowing down from gravit.

    Hope all that gibberish makes sense haha

    -f126, show the stretched landing.

    -f131, you can drag the head backwards so the feet arrive first and then overshoot the top control before it comes to a rest.  

    -f143-144, slow in/out of this pose rather than popping into it for 2 frames.

    -in the next jumps, make sure that the vertical spacing isn't too even.

    -f170, show the stretched landing.

    -f183, show the stretched take off, this shows the ball pushing off the ground. 

    also on all the other little jumps it is strobing a bit because the change of shape is happening too fast.  Aim for 3 frames of contact, but if it feels sticky, then try 2.  You can decide if it is more important to show the stretched landing or the stretched take off.  This will help those contacts feel less rapid.  Hope that makes sense.

    -I love the little peek back in around f268ish, but it does feel a little like it is just sliding in.  Can you try make it feel like he is leaning in?

    -f463.  Aim the ball towards the path of action and show it stretching as it pushes off the ground.

    -482. try adding at least 1 more frame of slow in to f483 to build the energy for this big jump.

    -485, the vertical spacing is too small here, it is a big jump so this frame should have the biggest spacing gap but it actually starts to speed up after this frame.

    -502-503.  Which frame has the biggest spacing gap?

    -I think you can try to do a cartoon 'take' around f665ish.  Keep the jump with the normal spacing until he 'sees' there is no ground, then do a little take.  (hard to explain via text).  But after that, then he can float it the air because it's now cartoon physics, and try to keep the spacing on the top of the ball really tight as his feet stretch down.  Hope that makes sense..

    Then for the last frame the character is visible (the pose at f671) you can shift that further down so just the top part of his head is showing.  

    Great work, Super Nova-kova!