Antenna overlap

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Jakub,
    Your antenna is pretty good, but I have some advice on the head movement. (which will break the antenna haha)
    Here's a couple notes to help push those skills

    -At the start, the head starts rotating while the translation stays still, then on f11 the head starts translation and the spacing is a little fast. Those 2 things (rot and translation) feel disconnected from each other, when the should feel like they are part of the same movement - if that makes sense.
    -also the path that the head travels to get to the antic is diagonally down and to the left, but then the head moves straight from right to left on the big move. Try to aim for the direction of the antic to be in the opposite direction to the main movement.
    This can mean kind of like a banana shape if the main move is dipping down in the middle like in my example.

    -The actually move is super fast (which is fine). however, you will need to make the antic bigger if the move is bigger.
    I would suggest making it bigger in time rather than distance. Try really slowing in to the extreme antic position over more frames to build the energy more if he is going to move that fast. Once you do that you can shoot him off quick as long as you have the right amount of slow out.
    I really hope that makes sense haha

    -the main move goes from super fast, to super long and slow way too soon. What I mean is it slows down but then carries at a slower speed for too many frames. (about f22-36)
    I hope you can see what I mean.

    -coming back to the final position has a similar problem.
    You can think of this like the logo animation where it overshoots and comes back (except it is on more than 1 axis)

    Hope that helps dude - keep it up!