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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Jakub,

    Great stuff mate.  Sorry for the delay, my internet has been broken for a couple of days and now I'm trying to catch up on everything.

    Right so here's some notes to help push this one further.  (Not that you HAVE to amend it, but these notes will help you learn and move onto the next one if you so desire)

    -Always try to match the amount of S&S with the speed of the ball.  The faster it is going, the more S&S it can have.  In in the first landing (f05) the amount of S&S is too big for the speed it it traveling.  When you don't have a lot of room like this you should cheat the spacing like you have but you have pushed the amount of S&S too far so it doesn't quite match.

    -f08, keep the top of the ball moving so it overshoots.  Just like the logo exercise ;)

    -from about f25 down to the squash pay close attention to the path on the top control.  Make sure it doesn't arc in a weird way.  Keep it all flowing.

    -the jump at f32 is a tricky one, but the main thing I see is the horizontal spacing.   It feels like it is slowing down and speeding up in the air because the stretch is a little big, but well done on keeping it stretching in-line with the path of action.

    -The pausing at f52 and sliding back screen left is odd. I'm not sure what the idea is there.  It's like he does a cartoon take when he sees the ground, but doesn't react, just freezes then goes straight down.  If that's what he is doing, then try to get that in there - I hope that makes sense.

    -f64, he moves pretty fast screen right without any type of antic.  And I'm not sure what the sliding is about, you could add a spin so he is doing a burn out before taking off, but you can get into this by jumping screen right, then spinning towards the left but still moving screen right on the landing (burn out) then he catches and takes off into the jump.

    -f150 get more stretch on this frame if he is jumping high. (at least as much as f161)

    -f162, this squash is proably a tad too big and you slow into 164 too much.  take a couple frames out and don't pause on the squash, come back up and overshoot the default shape and come back again. (like a normal landing with more overshoot)

    Hope that makes sense.

    I like your Mario Bros exit, although as a nice looping feature, it would be nice if he came in from the top of the screen where he would have left on the bottom, if you know what I mean.  That way the loop is cleaner.

    But good work man - keep it up.