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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work Minix.  Yes it's a good one.

    Here are some notes to help it become an even better one.

    -at the start jump (f17ish), because the jump is moving up and right, the motion to get into that jump should antic in the opposite direction.  However, because the ground is there, you can think about it as being reflected.  So try to swoop towards the upper left and arc around into the squash and take off (I hope that makes sense - probably not haha)

    -f17.  With the jumps and landings you want to show the ball stretching while it is in contact with the ground.  So on this frame specifically (f17) it will show the character pushing off the ground to launch itself.

    -on the landing you can show that stretch too.

    -f36 landing.  Show the stretch, as mentioned above, but also think about the momentum of the top control.  This will go past the point of where he wants to stop and come back - if that makes sense.

    -f89, try to get him to go the opposite direction before taking off here.  This momentum needs to come from somewhere, so build it up be anticipating and swopping around (like the first note above)

    -Oh I can see you overshoot the top control in a few other places like I mentioned above, that's what I'm talking about.

    -in the final landing, you are doing the right thing with the top control, but it's too slow around 175ish.  Keep that control moving with the momentum and then slow it down.

    I hope that all makes sense.  Good job here :)