Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work Beggsy.

    Here's a couple polishing notes to push your skills further.

    -Always try to look for places you can arc rather than go in a straight line. eg f05-07 and then to f09. You can round out the motion path of the top control a little more on things like this and it can make it all flow together if you know what I mean.
    -Don't let the top of the ball slow down before taking off. eg f09-10 speeds up (good) but f10-f11 slows down before he lifts off (bad). In fact you can go straight to f11 and skip f10.
    Look at all the other jumps where you are repeating this issue (the same solution will work)
    -f60, this feels really big compared to the size of the landing. Soften this a little to make it match (I hope that makes sense)
    -The roll isn't too bad, but you can slow out more at the start and speed up in the middle (I like the ending)
    -the jump at f157 is slow. Speed up the timing so it doesn't feel so floaty. (the spacing is too even so reduce the timing and increase the spacing gaps more and more as it falls)

    Hope that all makes sense.
    Keep up the hard work!