Character Ball HW

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  • jtayloranim

    I think the editing cut the first frame off! Whoops! Thanks for the feedback! These classes are great!

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Good stuff Jessica,  

    Here's a couple polishing notes to help push your skills further.

    -did you mean to start the animation on f02 or did YT cut the first frame off?

    Either way, try to start on the ground for this shot and then give it at least 6-8 frames before starting a big move.  That way the audience can see what's going on before the animation kicks off before their eye is ready.

    -In the first bounces (and all of them really). Try to show the stretched landing and the stretched take off.  This shows the character pushing off the ground and cushioning when they land.

    -f22-25.  When it's in the air, make sure the arc (horizontal movement) doesn't slow down or it will skew the arc (I hope that makes sense)

    -93-96, this can be a frame shorter to speed up that lift off.  Also track the arc of that jump (it is accelerating horizontally in the air)

    -Then in the rest there is some if these same issues repeated, so once you know how to solve them, look for other places where you are doing the same thing, because the same solution can also be applied.

    Good work JT,  Keep it tup!