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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Good work Bytezy.

    You can move on, but because you're more advanced, here's a couple polishing notes that will help push your skills further.

    -The character is there on this one. It definitely feels alive, but there's a few momentum and spacing issues that can be easily tweaked.
    -On f03, it is getting some screen right momentum out of nowhere. But if you arced left before that lift off, you can solve that. Also show the stretched push of rather than popping straight into the air.
    -Then after it lands, on f09, the top of the ball just stops and goes downward. Think about follow through on the top. (in other places like this too)
    -f101, the ball is very quick to come back to the default spherical shape. Blend this out over 1 or 2 more frames. And the squash is probably a little too big too.
    -On the little jumps on the platform (and leaving the frame at the end). the ball is feeling a bit light. I think it is because it is accelerating horizontally while it is in the air and not because of the pushing off the ground.
    I'm not sure if the solution is to show 3 frames of contact on the ground (might make it too sticky) or to start the horizontal tangent faster. (ie - in places like f128, shift him more screen right in the air. And adjust the top of the ball more screen right on the previous frame so it is already leaning in that direction.)
    I'd have to test that to see what works better.

    But hopefully that helps - keep up the solid work!