Character Ball

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  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    He he.  Nice on Markus.

    You will get better and better at this forever 'tweaking things'.  It's better to do it while you are training to learn what looks better etc, so later on you instinctively have that knowledge inbuilt (I hope that makes sense)

    Great work on this, here's a couple polishing notes for you.

    -The bottom of the ball doesn't feel like it has a good contact at f114 so when it pushes off it has a weird kicking type effect.

    -also look at the spacing on the top of the ball in that take off.  Make sure it is accelerating all the way to the lift off.  f116 is slowing it down.

    -Watch the spacing on the top of the ball in the next landing.  It instantly gets slow on f131.  (you can probably remove that frame and it will work nicely)

    -I would also try to make the splat feel like it has more force by removing f270.  This will make the spacing gap bigger and in turn the splat feel like it has more force.

    You can also try to overshoot this.  So make it splat straight into the most extreme and then slow into a less extreme pose.  (Hope that make sense)

    Great work here Sonble.

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)

    nice ending!!