Character Ball 2

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work Maj,

    Here's a couple of polishing notes for you.

    you don't have the frame counter so I can't be super specific.

    -when he jumps on, and stops to stretch up for the look.  If you add a beat between those actions you can seperate the movement.  What I mean, is he is going from jumping (The top control is moving fast), then it really slows down as it stretches into the extreme.  It's the connection of those 2 actions that can be separated.  I would make it 2 things. He jumps and stops (with a small settle), then goes into the look stretch a moment later.

    (I hope that makes sense)

    -I would slow out more from the squash in the big jump to the first step.  It pops too far from that squashed position, but if you drag the top control back towards where it came from it would accelerate more smoothly into this jump.

    -Don't forget to squash before the stretch on the next little jump after he settles on the landing.

    (frame numbers would be super helpful haha)

    -On the top platform, with the little jumps.  Look at the spacing on the top control. It is slowing into the stretch and then he is popping off the ground afterwards.  But the top control needs to accelerate to get the lift off rather than slowing down into that stretch.

    -Then track the arc in the super bug jump off screen ;)

    Also look for the different spots where you have repeated the same issue, as the same solution can also be applied to polish it even more.

    Great work Maj, keep it up.