melvin attempts to speak

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey T.
    Some of it is close.

    Here's some notes to push some of it closer.

    -Practice saying "Going" in the mirror and look at the main movement that happens.
    It really is G-Oh-WW-ING. The main thing is the W shape with the lips coming forward from an almost OH open mouth (but it doesn't need to be super open) and then it retreats back to neutral(ish)
    Hopefully that kind of makes sense haha. The key is the movement of the W lip shape.

    -Then push the lips forward in "W" in 'word'
    -at 91 ish, in "IN" in THINK should be bigger. ie - more open and higher on the face

    -Then the ending "escape your lips" is a bit late. (escape doesn't have enough open and close movement) and Lips is a couple frames late.

    Keep going!