Retry- Arcing Ball Bounce

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  • kuda

    Noted, i'm very excited to learn Animation properly, so i'll be happy to retry and redo exercises as many times as necessary until I get it! 

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    OK Kuda, this is an improvement but I still think you're missing a few of the spacing things.

    Let me get you to take it in 2 passes.
    Can you mute the horizontal for your next pass?
    Just position the ball somewhere in the frame so we can see it bouncing up and down (I'll get you to add the horizontal back later so just mute it for now - don't delete it!)
    Now, just focus on the ball bouncing up and down, like the vanilla version, but losing height.
    The key thing you are missing is the spacing near the ground. Make sure it has the biggest spacing gap before it hits the ground. At the moment it is the second last frame which is slowing it down and affecting the quality of your bounce.
    Look at each bounce just going vertical. Seeing it like this will help you spot what I mean.

    So post this again - you will most likely get someone commenting that it 'doesn't arc' but you can ignore that, I told you to do it haha ;)
    Keep going, I know it just about to click into place, I'm trying to help it do that for you but showing you what to focus on. You can do it!!