Squash and stretch

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  • Tishard Nathaniel (sickelo)

    will do 

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    This is a great start sickelo.
    But here's a couple notes that will push you further.

    When we add S&S, you need to treat the timing and spacing differently than the normal vanilla bounce. At the moment you have some nice vanilla timing and spacing, and then a massive squash at the bottom. But here's the differences.
    Because the geometry is stretching, we need to increase the spacing gaps when it stretches to keep it accelerating. This is because as the geo stretches, the negative space between the spacing gaps actually gets smaller. So we need to make the spacing gaps bigger than we normally would when compared to the vanilla version. (This means reducing the timing when it is stretching - if you know what I mean)

    Then when it hits the ground, you need to watch out for 2 things. The amount of S&S should match the speed of the ball. And the change of shape shouldn't strobe. So with the second point there, we usually have 3 frames of contact. We show the stretched landing, the squash, then the stretched take off.
    Although sometimes we need to show more frames on the ground or less depending on the speed the ball is traveling.

    Try taking another pass at this and see if you can incorporate those changes.
    Keep going sickelo!