Complex Obstacle Drop

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work sickelo.
    Someone is getting better at this animation thing.

    You've done more than enough to move on - but here are some notes to help push your eye further.
    (you do not need to amend them - it is just for your learning)

    -the blue ball starts faster than the bowling ball, but then the bowling ball catches up. (they should be the same but you can cheat the contact)
    -The bowling ball stops accelerating on that last section on the ramp (around f26ish)
    -and it also comes to a stop too suddenly.
    -f20 on the blue ball, the spacing slows down.
    -the spacing on f42 is too low. It makes the last frames even and floaty before it hits the ground (blue ball)
    -spacing on 59 (blue)
    -check out the height of the blue ball on f81. Can you see the spacing gap here. This is much higher than some of the previous bounces.
    -It also comes to a stop too suddenly.
    The beach ball is hardest because of the wanted floatyness. Just watch how it slows down before hitting the ramp that first time. It should acclerate and then become even - like it hits its top speed and can't go any faster. (but it is hitting its top speed and then slowing down in this drop)
    -watch the arc from 26-50. It speeds up and slows down horizontally.
    -that contact at f50 is gaining energy that doesn't exist. The blue ball has 0 upward force so it is only the downward force of the beachball that should rebound. But it gains energy in that contact (I hope that makes sense)
    -f93-end. It comes to a stop in a weird way.

    See if you can spot these things and move onto the next one. Good work, keep it up!