Complex Obstacle Drop

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  • urbanexile

    Thanks for the feedback, those tips are all really helpful!

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work Urbo. (nick name)

    You've done more than enough to pass and you don't need to amend anything, but here's a couple notes I can see. See if you can spot what I mean, learn and then move onto the next one.

    -In the first fall, I can see that the blue ball start faster and then slows down compared to the bowling ball.
    These 2 balls should be the same (or if you need to cheat it for the contact - you shouldn't be able to 'see' the cheating)
    -The beach ball feels like it bounces off the ramp with too much force, (more than it hit the ramp with)
    -The bowling ball reacts too much to the contact with the blue ball. You've established the weight as being pretty light (blue) but it makes that heavy ball change directions.
    -The blue ball starts to feel a little lighter than it should in the ending from about 106ish. (evenish spacing)

    Hope that helps - Good work dude!