Arcing Ball Bounce CG Cookie Exercise

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Gonna, good job so far.

    Here's some advice that will hopefully take this to the next level.

    -at the moment there's a few issues with the timing and spacing as well as the settle. It feels like it hits a wall.
    What I would suggest is to actual do some polishing on this, but work in 2 passes.
    The first pass is all about the vertical movement. So mute the horizontal and just focus on the ball bouncing up and down.

    It should look like the vanilla bounce except it will lose height each bounce. Make sure each bounce feels correct - and that it is slowing in/out at the top nicely. That each bounce loses about the same percentage of height (roughly) and that none of the bounces feel. fast or floaty.
    Once you have the vertical working nicely, it will be easy to unmute the horizontal and focus on the arcs and that settle.

    I think you will be surprised by the improvement you can make by working this way.

    Keep going!