Hard-Surface Gun Part

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Bake a Hard Surface Normal Map

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  • Stuart Wakefield (stuartwakefield)

    Thanks for taking a look Jonathan. I did some tweaks to the topology and that's fixed it! I might be able to improve it further by doing another normal map bake but I think I've learnt a lot I can apply to my next project.

    Many Thanks!

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel (jlampel)

    Hey, nice work! 

    That back artifact looks like a topology one - like there's an extra triangle that could just be deleted. Same with the two triangles on the front right where the notch is. 

    It's interesting that the tear near the front is only happening on one side. My guess is that the UV's are mirrored but the topology is slightly different - one side has a quad but the other side has an n-gon - and that difference is causing the glitch. 

    Overall, the rounded edges look spot on. 

    Hope that helps! 

  • Stuart Wakefield (stuartwakefield)

    I think the artifacts (mentioned in the description) have something to do with concave quads. I might reattempt this exercise at some point improving the topology around the cutouts.