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  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Good work Specky.

    Here's some polishing notes to help push your skills further

    -in the first landing (f22), try to show it stretching on the land, rather than starting to squash in the air.

    -The arc hits an invisible ceiling at f51 and bounces back down.  Make sure it slows in and out on the vertical

    -Check the spacing on the top of the ball on f152, this frame is slowing into the extreme stretch but you want it to be accelerating into that launch.

    -f220, this stretch also slows down the launch.  Bring this back much much closer to where it came from in that squash, so you have 1 frame of slow out and then stretch big.  This will make the top of the ball accelerate all the way through the launch.

    Hope that all makes sense.  Keep up the good work.

  • arcadespec

    jjizo79 Thanks for the feedback!

  • Marta Wileczko (jizo79)

    I love this hard squash in the end and that it rockets into the sky, nice idea ! :D I think your ball might use a little more frames for anticipation or few actions, like during looking down the highground :)