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  • colorsdiary


    Hello again!

    hmmmmm if I understand it correctly, I should be more aware of the fact that this ball is an individual, ergo everything happens because it wants it to, ergo the evenness and realistic approach of a bouncing ball should be lowered ?

    I think I understand most of the notes you have mentioned, but I'm not sure about the Vertical spacing. Does it mean that I need to emphasize the energy and the movement starting strong and losing strength during the Bounce arc?

    I will definitely get back to this one, as well as the complex drop one. Let me dip my feet into the walk cycle and I'll be back!

    aarcadespec thank you so much!

    You are absolutely right. I like to snap it back during a bounce, but it seems like a bad idea. I'll look into fixing it! :) 

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Dear Diary (te he he)

    Excellent work!

    Here's some polishing notes for you.

    (with all these notes - I will mention the first place I see the issue but then it's your job to check for the same things later in the animation)

    -Anywhere where the character moves in a straight line, just ask yourself "will it look better if it arcs?"

    Most of the time the answer is yes.  What am I talking about?

    Places like the top of the ball from f01-04.

    -Also you can hold the character at the start of the shot for about 8 frames before starting the move, this will let the audience see the character before all the action starts. (but holding after that first move is good)

    You just don't want him to start before the audience is ready (if you know what I mean)

    -f25, show the stretch on the ground.  You want to show him pushing off the ground.  I also think it's leaning over too far.

    -f24-26, check the path of the arc there.  It looks like it swoops upwards after he takes off.

    -f50. Slow in/out of that change in direction.  It should all be smooth.

    -f119, you've built up a nice amount of energy in this antic and then the take off is slow.  

    -f123ish, check the rotation on the ball it's making the arc go a little wonky.

    -f134, smooth out that settle.

    -all the small jumps on the platform feel just a little floaty because the vertical spacing is a little too even.

    -f202, this should be higher with that amount of force in the antic.  You build up heaps of energy and then it's too slow to take off (I hope that makes sense)

    -the squash and the arc from f225 is a bit wonky.  Because it's a large impact, you can slow into the squash (don't go straight to the extreme squash on 225).  But also don't take so long to take off again and when you do make sure the arc isn't so wide - this changes the direction of that impact.

    The horizontal spacing in that final arc seems to slow down in the air, so it skews the arc.

    Hope that all makes sense.  This is just putting the cherry on top of the cake.  Well done.

  • arcadespec

    Love the energy of the ball, the couple of looks it takes before jumping on the ledge, squash/stretch is well done and the big old final jump is great!

    two things tho:

    - frame 124 the top control snaps back to its default location

    -  frame 224-242 the last bounce seems low and slow for how fast and far the ball fell

    Great work!