Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Really nice Marta!

    Here's some polishing notes for you.

    -Some of the jumps feel a little floaty because the vertical spacing is a tad on the even side.  So if it get that feeling (floaty) see if you can increase the height so the vertical spacing can be bigger at the bottom, or reduce the timing so you have less positions you are trying to squeeze into the distance travelled (it's a balancing act though)

    -You can also go bigger with the amount of S&S in some of the jumps.  Especially if you adjust the timing and spacing for the comment above.  The amount should feel related to the speed and force.  (I'm talking about the smaller jumps not your bigs ones like at f100)

    -watch the horizontal momentum on the top of the ball around f26.  This part of the ball seems to hit the ground and then slow down too suddenly.  

    -f99, lean the ball over slightly more so the stretch matches the path of action (where it is going on f100 that is)

    Hope that helps push your skills further.  Keep up the excellent work.