Character Ball Arvo 01

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  • arvdobo

    waylow I'm seeing my mistakes now, I'll fix this thanks Wayne I really want to improve.

    Just one question can you point out where those spots that are a bit fast?

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work Arvo.

    Don't focus on the exact things on the exact frame I'm doing them in my demo.  Zoom out and look at the bigger picture.  It's about how you do it.  Remember, all these movements are just a combination of all the things you have learned so far.  So it's a matter of putting it all together - you already know what I'm doing.

    Right here's some notes to help you push your skills further.

    -Mostly it's really good, there's just a few spots that are a bit fast and others than can have a bit of polish.

    -the ball pauses around f08.  Keep this movement flowing.

    -f15-16, the amount of stretch seems the same of these frames but you want it to be the biggest on the contact frame.  But the amount of stretch is also a little big given the size of the smallish jump too.

    -Track the spacing on the top of the ball from f15-17, can you see how it becomes too slow moving into f17.  This shouldn't slow down quite as much to preserve the momentum.  But lowering the amount of stretch will help thos greatly.

    -You're popping quite big on f55 (which is fine) but that jump and arc will need to be higher and take more frames.  Remember all the bouncing balls you've done so far.  Also you have the same amount of frames going up as the way down.  But this arc will have less frames on the right hand side because he is landing higher than where he started from. (I hope that makes sense)

    -In each jump make sure the top of the ball is accelerating into the stretch position. Check for things lie f73-75.  Can you see that the middle frame is evenly spaced (maybe even closer to the stretch pose).  This slows down the push off before taking off the ground,  and then it pops into the air.

    -Also just check over the entire animation to see where you are repeating these small spacing issues.

    Good work so far, I think you will surprise yourself at how much better it will feel after polishing these little things.  Keep going Arvo - and remember, you've already seen and done all these things before, so you don't need to watch me do it in slow motion.  You got this!