Character Ball

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  • shanr

    Every single time i grade an exercise it passes

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Great character ball Bellsy.

    Here's a couple polishing notes for you to help you see and understand more.

    -The move at the start (f09-12) is way too fast. You're doing the right things but it needs more frames to change direction and to slow in/out of the change of directions.
    -Try to match the amount of stretch (f12) with the speed of the ball and the height that the ball will jump. At the moment that's a decent sized stretch but the ball doesn't jump that high.
    -f22, keep the momentum on the top of the ball moving screen right and treat the next tiny bounce in the same manner (ie - animate to top control to show him coming to a rest)
    -All the moves before the big jump are a little too fast here too.
    -f67 keep the stretch in line with the path of action.
    -f74-79. The top of the ball starts to travel upwards as it is stretching and falling downwards. You can make the arc higher and track the top of the ball to avoid this effect.
    -81-85. Think about the moment here. I love the little bounce but the ball is bouncing very stiff and straight.
    -In all the little jumps, the stretch is just a little too big considering the height of those jumps.

    Then there's just a few of the same issues repeated until the end

    Great work Bellsy. I hope this helps all that knowledge click into place for you. Keep going!