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Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

  • carlosedubarreto

    Thanks a lot for the tips and the compliment ccolorsdiary  .

    I usually use a technique that is very time-consuming to see things with freesh eyes, I wait for the next day LOL.

    You tip might help a lot really. Thank you.

  • colorsdiary

    I have been looking at some of your exercises before, and I really like the creativity you put out on them. They feel really unique! :)

    I have one trick that I'm using sometimes to help me see the work with *Fresh Eyes*. After I think I'm done, they help me spot things I didn't notice because of focusing too much:

    #1. Try to get back and far from the monitor as it plays out. Let the animation repeat, and get a good 2 to 3 meters far from the monitor. This shift in scope makes things look fresh, and helps you spot things.

    #2. Snap to the negative Axis! If you are looking Directly at it from the side on the Y axis, try moving the view into the -Y Axis. So, you are still looking at it from the side, but the ball is now on the right, and moving to the left!

    Keep Going! Your creativity is really inspiring and fun ! :D

  • carlosedubarreto

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    I will keep working on it, using your feedback, to learn more about it, and I'll keep going forward on the other exercises.

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    You're getting better Carlos.

    Here's a couple notes for you on this one.

    -At the moment I can see all the character and the thoughts that are happening.  But a lot of the movements are super slow.  It looks like you are focussing really hard (which is good) but not stepping back to look at the bigger picture when it's in motion.  I hope that makes sense but it's something you will improve on, so don't stress too much.  I'll point out a few of the things I mean and then you can look for the same issues throughout the animation.

    -f10-24, this move is slow.  Especially the lift off.  It's ok to start the movement slow and the speed up,  but at the moment it's all slow.

    -Think about the spacing on the top of the ball from f19-24.  This is just like the bouncing ball (because it is haha).  You want the top to accelerate to the stretch to get the momentum to lift off.

    -Then you want the reverse to happen on the landing.  from f41 the top control instantly becomes slow but you want it to slow down over more frames rather than as soon as it touches the ground.  So the spacing on f42 should be closer to the squash pose, rather than where it came from.

    Hopefully that makes sense.  But look for this error that is repeated throughout.  If you fix this one thing, you will have made your animation 27 times better.

    There's also a few issues in some of the arcs, but focus on just what I've mentioned first.

    Keep going Carlos.