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  • Jeffrey Konowitch (jkonowitch)

    Thanks, Wayne!

    I couldn't tell why the ball felt "sticky" on the ground, but the lack of consistent acceleration into the stretch seemed to be exactly what was wrong.

    I think I addressed your comments - curious to see if you agree. Posted another version:">



  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Great start Jeff.
    Here's a couple notes that will help you see more of those problems. (It's great that you are starting to see them)

    -With the spacing on the top of the ball, look for any sharp corners when the control changes direction and think "should this be slowing in and out or even arcing instead of going in a straight line?"
    eg - f14 it goes straight into this position, then pops off fast and then slows into the stretch at f18.
    -With the stretches, make sure you think about the spacing on the top of the ball and make it accelerate all the way to the take off (if it slows down it makes it stick and then pop off the ground)
    -also keep the stretch in-line with the path of action. (f18 the stretch points to the top right, but the ball jumps almost vertical on f19. Line this up and it will work so much better.)
    -f28. Think about overshoot on the top of the ball rather than just stopping dead still.
    -look at the spacing on the top control from f36-38. If you bring the spacing on f37 closer to where it was on 36, that control will accelerate all the way to the lift off (that is what I mentioned above)
    -Also check the shape of that arc there.

    -Then just look for all those same small issues on all of the jumps. Once you know how to solve it on one jump, you can do the same thing to the others.

    Great work JK.

  • Matthew Ullrey (ullreym)

    Great work. I like how the ball shows bravery after looking down and jumps anyway.