balance and weight shift

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey T,

    Here's some notes.
    01-10 front view. Let the hips go down and to the right before going up to the pose at f10. And don't lift the right foot so much until the weight is further over that left leg.
    Side view. When he goes onto his toes, shift the weight of the hips forward (eg - f25)
    Also try to keep the leg and hips feeling connected, at the moment the hips can feel a little like a marionette puppet on a string.
    That last move feels a lot like a marionette because of the IK leg in the air and the fact that the push up from the planted leg doesn't feel connected to the hips. (all 3 parts are doing their own thing - if that makes sense)
    And I think he will need to get onto his toe a lot faster. I would need to see some reference of some dancers but I think it's not a 'roll' up to the point but rather a small jump to the point.
    I hope that makes sense.

    But keep up the hard work. :)