Character animation v2

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  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice one Irene.

    Here's a couple polishing notes for you.

    -There's a couple spots where you have a similar spacing issues when the ball stretches while it is on the ground.
    Look at the top of the ball and think should it be speeding up or slowing down, so what does that mean for the spacing?
    What do I mean?
    Here's 2 examples (but look for the others).
    Look at the spacing on the top of the ball from f21-24.
    It is accelerating from 21-23 but it is even from 22-24.
    I'll let you think about what the spacing should look like to keep it accelerating all the way to 24.
    Then in the landing look at 33-35.
    Can you see the top slows down and then speeds up and then slows down again.
    (and also have a look at the spacing around f49- should this be slowing down or speeding up?)

    -The jump from 49-62 is a little slow and floaty.

    -try adding an antic around f88. Get him to move left and swoop through to get some momentum before taking off so fast at 89. (Hope that makes sense)

    -I like your spin jump but try slowing in/out more when it changes directions. (it just pauses on the same pose but it needs to slow in/out and probably needs just a few more frames around this position)

    But great work Irene, You've done a good job, I hope these notes push your skills even further.

  • Irene Poli (eireen)

    wanderingmonk7 thank you! :)

  • Stanley Leland (wanderingmonk7)

    Great fun.