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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey mihail.
    This looks more than half alive, so well done.
    It does look like you haven't applied everything that you have already learned fully though. This can happen when you get distracted by trying to put everything together finally.

    Here's a couple notes that will help you improve this task.
    -take a look at all the rolling after you have rested your eyes. You will see that is under rotating.
    -when it rolls into the wall at 24, treat it in a similar way to the S&S when hitting the ground. Except horizontal rather than vertical, and you don't want to have 3 frames of contact, just 2. The squash frame, then the stretched push off.
    -When the ball is jumping, think about the bottom of the ball as being its feet and don't slide it around.
    -f53, show the stretch pushing off the ground. Also check the path of that arc.
    -f68. This is a bouncing ball, so I think you know what I'm going to say about the spacing on this landing.
    -f70. This push off should be in contact with the ground, and watch the spacing just after this. It shouldn't go from a large spacing gap and then suddenly slow down on the next frame.
    -Check all the arcs to make sure you are arcing correctly. Most of them start too shallow and then arc upwards once it is already airborne. (your handles need to be steeper)

    Don't give up on this one just yet mihail. It looks like you just got distracted by putting it all together. You are more than halfway, you just need a little bit of polish on this one.