Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nicely done Yueyang Wu.

    Here's a couple polishing notes.
    -The rolling at the start and the end is under rotated.
    -make sure you show the stretch frame pushing off the ground before it takes off.
    -look for the spots where the ball suddenly comes to a stop and see if you can keep the 'feet' stuck to the ground but add a little movement to the top control to keep the movement alive.
    -look at the spacing on the bottom of the ball on all the landings and make sure it is accelerating all the way to the ground. (eg - when it jumps off the platform you can show the stretched landing by moving that last airborne frame down to the ground which will also keep the spacing accelerating. Hope that makes sense.

    But really nice - I can see that your skills are improving. Good work.