Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work Rick. I love your little story.

    Here's a couple notes to push your anim skills further.

    -When the ball hits the wall it rebounds with a lot more force than it hit with. (f40). And that arc f40-46 slows down horizontally in the air.
    You can try speeding up the entrance so it hits with more force and then make those small bounces less rounded.

    -make sure you show the stretched landing at f113. This pose is strobing.
    -Also show the stretched take off at f124. You want to show that he is pushing off the ground and not just popping into the air with a massive change of shape.
    (look for that same thing throughout the whole piece)
    -Also have a close look at the arcs as he is bouncing back down the stairs.

    Great stuff though Rick. With these polishing notes I think you will be really proud of the progress you are making.

    Keep it up.