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  • Kenny Chan (kennyc222)

    waylow well, I didn't attend animschool at all as the price is too expensive! So I dropped out. Before going back to CGCookie, I attended another animation school based in Canada called "Rocket Sky School. However, the tuition fee is still too high for me. Before dropping out Rockey Sky SChool, I viewed the video and try to recreate the shots. Thanks to CGCookie, I finally have a chance to review my work. So the clip and animation I made will not be wasted. :)

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Kenny,
    I would suggest pausing to work on all the other notes I have suggested and then coming back to this one.

    But don't worry about showing your title card for each of these or the perspective view for that matter.
    The front ortho view is what we want to see. (But I think you are just submitting all your animschool assignments)

    I would also suggest looking at the overlap exercise on how to deal with the tail.

  • Stanley Leland (wanderingmonk7)