Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Good one jason11984.

    Here's a couple notes to push your skills further.

    -Make sure you stretch in the direction that he is planning to travel. In the first antic he squashes with his head pointing to the top left. But then one frame later he is in the air stretched in the opposite direction. How did he get there?
    Remember the bouncing ball exercises where you showed the stretched take off. It's the same thing here because he is really just a bouncing ball.
    -When you jump, make sure the vertical spacing is biggest at the bottom and not second from the bottom. (hope that makes sense)

    -Show the stretched take off and the stretched landing on every one of your jumps.

    The character is there in this exercise but just a few polishing tweaks and you'll will be like "which awesome animator animated this? Holy cow it was me!!!"

    Keep going.