Character Ball Assignment

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice one arcase6.

    The character is in there, but here's a couple things that I see you repeating. Addressing them will make your animation so much better.

    Firstly, try to match the amount of squash and stretch with the speed and force of the ball. At the moment there are times where there is a huge stretch and he doens't jump very high or there is a huge squash that is strobing because it is too big.
    Also try to keep the ball stretching in-line with the path of action.

    But the biggest thing I see is the timing and spacing as he goes into a stretch.
    Have a look at the top of the ball everytime you are coming up to to a jump. You are going from the squash pose and then slowing into the stretch, and the popping fast again as he gets airborne. Do not slow into this stretches, this will make all the jumps nice and smooth.

    Keep going arcase6