Angry ball

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  • aklipse

    waylow ooh I understand always show him in contact with the ground before he leaves and show the stretched landings however my question is how many frames should this be for

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice work aklipse.

    I can see all the improvement you have made along the way.

    Here's a couple general notes to help push your skills further.
    -when he is jumping, make sure you show him pushing off the ground (stretched take off in contact with the ground)
    -Same thing on the landings, show the stretched landing and then squash (don't squash before hitting the ground)
    -Stretch in-line with the path of action.
    -When he is dancing at the end, keep his 'feet' from sliding around. Stick them in the one spot.

    Hope that helps.
    Nice work.