Character Ball

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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey obi0, well done.

    Nice work on your improvement.
    Here's a couple general notes that will push your skills further.

    -When the ball is pushing off in a jump, make sure it is touching the ground.
    eg - f08, 57 and several other places.
    -When you have a massive antic, he should shoot off really fast. You have built a huge amount of energy before that big jump but then he slowly lifts off the ground. Make it match the size of the jump otherwise all that energy you have built up just dissipates away.
    -When you squash before a jump, make sure you don't slow down when he is trying to take off.
    eg- f78-80. He should be speeding up so he can get airborne but the spacing is even (I hope that makes sense)

    So just look for places where you have repeated those little errors. If you fix them all, you can look back and be surprised at how good you're getting.
    Keep going