character ball with attitude

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  • ouad

    actually the eyes and the shoes are inspired from rayman game, i'm gonna do that but i'm kind of running out of time i will re-do all those animations the right way after getting experience from the next exercice to the next, than collect them in one video in my channel like a demoreel. thanks.

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    I like that you are trying to put your own spin on it, ouad.
    However, by adding the feet you have added a level of complexity to the 'bouncing ball' exercise that actually changes things quite a lot. The feet would need to push off the ground and then land before the rest of the body. This changes the body mechanics of the jump and is over complicating things too early in your learning.
    But I don't actually think your little story needs the feet and eyes, Try simplifying it and going back to just the ball rig and think about these things.

    -In each jump (push off) make sure the biggest stretch it still in contact with the ground. And then do the reverse on the landing.
    At the moment some of the jumps have the biggest stretch a few frames after the take off.
    -Check that you are arcing all the way to the ground on each jump. (the first one goes straight down right near the end)
    -Think about the momentum on the top control so when it jumps forward and stops, overshoot this top control and then comeback to the rest position. (almost like you did in the last landing - this one is the closest to perfect). I hope you can see what I mean.

    Try again ouad. I think you'll surprise yourself at how much better you can make it looke when you take it back to just the ball.

    Go, ouad, go!