Road to Dixon Land - V2

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Character Ball

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Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Great job Adam.
    Learning the hard way is the best way.
    So trying to copy and then apply it to your own idea may have seemed like the long way to do it, it will actually make you a better/faster/stronger animator.

    Ok now for the notes.
    Great character is this one, there's just a few technical things you can polish to make it better.

    -Have a look at the spacing on the top control on each jump and think about the bouncing ball spacing.
    From f09-f10 the top control is speeding up then it is even from f10-11 and is then really small from f11-12.
    This move should accelerate all the way to the take off and then the airbourne frame can't feel like it's slowing down too much.
    (This frame can be tricky because it should be the biggest spacing gap from the ground but the top should start to return to normal - if that makes sense)
    But have a look for that loss of energy right at the take off throughout your animation.

    -f59 -stretched landing please. But not as big as that take off.

    -335-337 is another example of the slowing down before the take off.
    -And then you have too many frames in that landing on 349

    Trace the arc from 441 and watch the rotations.
    There's too many frame in the landing at 453

    And then for the trap door, why not add a small antic?
    This will push the ball up into the air and give you more room to adjust the timing and spacing to make it more cartoony on the exit. (it's very even at the moment)

    Hope that helps you push your skills further Adam. Good stuff.

  • Adam Janz (copperplate)

    me1958424 Thank you, Mark! :-)

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)