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  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Happy New Year Snappy!
    Everybody loves a good cry on NYE haha.

    I love your idea here, and I like the change from inquisitive child to crying by the end.
    But you are doing one thing that is not quite authentic in every take. When I mention it, you will probably go "oh yeah how did I miss that".
    What am I talking about?
    Well you are looking at what I assume is your own recording on your screen for the entire take (well mostly anyway).
    Looking at your own recording can be really distracting, I would suggest setting up the camera at a 3/4 angle to the action so you still get to see everything that you are doing but you are just focused on being 'in character' while you are performing.

    Having said that, maybe that's why I do like all your movements in the crying portions. Especially the first take for the same reason Miranda mentioned. It's the way your whole body slumps as your head goes back.

    I can see improvements, but try to forget about the camera and just do what your character wants to do.

  • smurfmier1985

    Haha that third one is so cartoony it's funny :-D But I like the first one the best, especially your hand coming up and then letting them fall while at the same time throwing your head a back and crying, good timing there :) good job!