Character Ball

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  • Evan Helford (evanhelf)

    Hi Wayne,

    Thank you for the feedback. I've gone and updated all of my assignments. The character ball was still giving me some trouble, but I tried fixing the scene in accordance with your notes. Any additional feedback appreciated.


  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Nice one Evan.

    Here’s some notes that will you push your skills further.
    -watch that you don't slow down from f14-16 before you take off
    -then check all the arcs and make sure they arc all the way to the ground and don't go straight down on the last frame (f22-23 for example)
    -Add a little thinking time around f40ish before going straight into the big jump.
    And make sure you track the arc on the top of the ball from f38-43, make sure it is rounded out in an arc rather than being to V shaped.

    That’'ll do for now.
    Keep up that hard work.